Access All Areas

A light-hearted yet informative look at how and by whom the Internet is currently used in the UK. It takes a close look at the Blair Governments’ policy of improving and extending accessibility nation-wide to see if and how it has lived up to its promises.

There be Gold in Them There Hills

Wireless gadgets like Internet enabled mobile phones, Palms and pocket computers have given a whole new meaning to the concept of mobility. This article explores the current and future innovative business opportunities this new medium is creating.

Thailand – The New Mobile Tiger?

The mobile telecommunications industry in Thailand is both dynamic and undergoing a period of profound change. This article takes a look at the current Thai mobile landscape and investigates what the future holds in store for a country where mobile ownership is still in its infancy.

Surfing in Siam

This article investigates the current level and nature of Internet access in Thailand and how Thai businesses of all kinds are exploiting the Net to expand their customer bases, increase profits and reach a global audience.

“It’s M-Commerce Jim, But Not As We Know It.”

The ‘dot-bomb’ scared off many potential investors in m-commerce start-up companies but while the major mobile companies are stuck in the economic slump, the smaller, newer, more flexible business are carving out new niches in B2B support services, applications and content development. This article investigates the new innovative start up companies and what they have...

Finding the Wireless Erogenous Zone – Pornography’s Bid to go Mobile

This article takes a slightly 'tongue in cheek' look at the proliferation of pornography on the wireless Internet by examining what's out there now and talking to industry experts to see how they predict the shape of things to come.

Blackberries Are Not the Only Fruit

This article, which was written in 2005, takes an in depth look at the new Blackberry hand-held wireless e-mail computer produced by Research in Motion.

Excess Accessories

So you've made it big in the city and can now smugly retire to your Park Lane condo to count your gold cards and polish your top-of-the-range Mercedes. You've got, of course, the latest all-singing, all dancing mobile phone, so what else can the man or woman who has everything spend all that hard-earned cash...

All Aboard the 3G Express

All Aboard the 3G Express

I must be one of the three people left on the planet that doesn’t own a mobile phone. But if I did and was stuck at the MRT station waiting for the much anticipated arrival of the 3G Express, would what Star Hub, SingTel and M1 currently offer in the way of mobile content tempt...