Phillipine Politics

When Playing with Numbers Can be Taxing

Gina Lopez and her supporters justify the potential yawning gap in GDP caused by the wholesale closure of the mining industry by saying that the industry as a whole only contributes 2% in taxes which, on the face of it, sounds like a tiny loss the nation could easily shoulder. However, let’s say that this...

Big M Little M What Begins with M?

I am not sure if Dr Seuss would appreciate my hijacking of his famous alphabet rhyme but in this case, the big M stands for corporate mines currently being persecuted by Ms Lopez, while little M is the small-scale mining industry that has, so far escaped her draconian crackdown. But why?

Holistic Approach to Environmental Protection Needed

Simply destroying the countries mining industry in the name of a green crusade will not, ultimately, solve the many environmental problems facing the Philippines. There is no one magical solution that will tame the many-tentacled beast that is the country's problems with pollution and land degradation.

It’s a Fine Line Between Environmental Crusader and Dictator

Gina Lopez claims to be standing up for the environment as she shuts down mining operations apparently in order to protect Indigenous People’s (IP’s) natural environment and water catchments, however, did she or anyone at the DENR actually obtain the required Free and Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) of the IP’s before doing so and did...